What are the advantages and disadvantages of dental veneer?

The main advantages of dental veneer are:

1.Safety: the amount of dental veneer grinding is very small, the damage to the teeth is smaller. Veneer grinding tooth structure less, some phenomena even do not grinding tooth structure, so as to preserve a large number of tooth structure, unnecessary nerve killing, basically control the postoperative pulpitis, necrosis and other sequelae, in order to maintain the long-term health of the original teeth.

2. Beautiful: After dental veneer repair teeth, it has the same optical characteristics as the original tooth structure, does not contain any metal components, showing the best aesthetic results, very beautiful.

3. HealthY: the tooth patch face gum irritation is small. Porcelain veneer has excellent light transmittance. It can only be even with the gum when the tooth is prepared, which is conducive to gum care and making impressions and bonding porcelain pieces. The area that meets the gums is also only on the lip, which is less irritating to the gums.

The disadvantages of porcelain tooth veneer are:

1. Porcelain veneer is not real teeth and contains certain chemical substances. If the quality of porcelain veneer is poor, it will directly affect the effect and cause difficult impact on the teeth and even the mouth of patients.

2.Porcelain veneer needs to wear a certain amount of real dental tissue, here is a problem of degree. If there is too much wear, it will inevitably damage the real teeth and dental nerves. This method is mainly used to cover, can not fundamentally solve the role of teeth whitening. If used frequently, it can cause great damage to the teeth and even to the body.