What are the functions of sports mouth guard, do you know?

What are the functions of sports mouth guard, do you know?

Stumbling on the road of life, also inevitably need to go through countless injuries and pain. When you are growing up, you will have relatives to shelter you from the wind and rain. When you are working, you will also have friends and colleagues to accompany you. On the field of competition, you will also have sports protective braces to escort you in fierce collisions.

Protective effect of exercise protective braces:

1. Protect the lips, oral teeth and gums, reduce the impact of external force, the upper and lower teeth hit each other violently, as well as for the teeth in the line of support.

2. Reduce external impact to provide cushioning and reduce the chance of jaw fracture and jaw dislocation.

3. Indirectly reduce the risk of neck injury and also reduce the risk of concussion.

Nowadays, education has the policy of sports power, while strengthening the body, we should not ignore the risk, such as basketball, roller skating, boxing, martial arts and other adversarial sports, we need to do a good job of self-protection, should wear sports protection braces according to the instructions, not only can effectively protect the oral tissues, but also indirectly for different degrees of protection of the outer part of the mouth.