What are dental veneers?

Dental veneer is a technique of tooth whitening and restoration. Dental veneer restoration is to paste a layer of material similar to normal tooth color on the surface of stained teeth to cover the color on the teeth. This technology has been widely used in stomatology and is popular among consumers.
Dental veneer refers to grinding or not grinding the surface of the tooth, and then covering it directly or indirectly with restorative materials to restore the shape of the tooth and improve the color.

Production process
Dental veneer cosmetic restoration is a restoration method that grinds away the tooth surface by about 1mm, and then covers the tooth surface with a thin-layer veneer restoration by bonding, so as to restore the normal shape of the tooth tissue or improve the color. The production of dental veneers has the following steps:
1. Check the diagnosis to select the appropriate indications and formulate a treatment plan.
2. Tooth preparation for the affected tooth, prepare the adapted tooth according to the specific situation of the patient's teeth

3. Coloring, take the impression with silicone rubber or elastic impression material, directly fill the working model with high temperature resistant material, or use super anhydrite to fill the working model, and then use the working model to copy the high temperature resistant model. When comparing the color, the shade of the patient's teeth should be considered. The color after restoration should not be too different from the color of the remaining real teeth, otherwise it will affect the appearance.