What is Porcelain Crown and Bridge

Porcelain crown and bridge is a crown and bridge, which means that there is a missing tooth, and the two healthy teeth before and after the missing tooth are used to achieve fixation. Restoration with porcelain crowns and bridges. The crown bridge is like a bridge, with a pier on both sides and a bridge in the middle, but the bridge is made of a metal base, which is fired with porcelain to form a white color and shape, which is about the same size as a natural tooth, and looks like a real tooth. like teeth.

Porcelain crowns and bridges must grind down and shorten the two adjacent healthy teeth of the missing tooth to achieve the purpose of retention, so it has a certain impact on the adjacent teeth, and this is its only fixation method. If the patient does not want to cause damage to the adjacent teeth, the restoration can be completed by means of implants.