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Polyceramic, also known as PFM, is a new type of composite material used in metal or non-metal restorations for micro-filling and light-curing veneer. It has high wear resistance, anti-discoloration and good polishing effect. It's non-stick, easier to shape.

  • For patients with more loss of free end, porcelain of PFM will crack under occlusal force. The perfect combination of polyceramic and other metal can entirely avoid the this phenomenon.
  • Titanium has been widely used in prostheses. Because of its characteristics, the combination of polyceramic and titanium is perfect.
  • For cases not enough room for porcelain, color can not be guaranteed, polymeric porcelain can solve this problem, its excellent fluorescent effect and unique adaptability, making the color-changing Matrix more lifelike and close to natural colorimetry.
  • For Telescopic Crown Applications, plastic-baked prostheses are preferred by most dentists and technicians.
  • Gum colors ideal for gingival modification, implant cases and previously fixed porcelain restorations

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